Press Release Distribution – How and When to Do It

Does your company or brand have something newsworthy happening that you want people to know about? One of the ways to get the word out about it is through a press release. A press release is basically a written summary or explanation of the latest event or update of your company or organization.

You can usually do this through a press release writing service, or, if you have in-house writers who specialize in your marketing efforts, they should be able to write this on their own. Of course, for your press release to be effective, you might ask, how do I distribute my press release and when?

Different Ways for Press Release Distribution

Let’s start with the “how.” First thing you should do is check your resources. If you have a good existing relationship with media people — TV journalists, news agencies, newspaper and magazine writers, then perhaps you can email them directly. Just make sure that you send your press release to the person who actually covers the kind of news that you want to broadcast.

If you lack these media connections, you can still send your press release through several channels. There are free press release distribution services on the internet like

Many California wine cellar builders use business press releases to announce newly completed wine cellar projects online. Here are two examples of press release:

Another option is to send it to the Associated Press, or to local publications that have the same target market as you. Again, just ensure that you are emailing or tapping the appropriate person — the journalist or editor who covers your topics. This is the best chance you have of getting your news picked up.

However, if you feel you are not getting any results with this, you can try the press release distribution companies that ask for a certain fee. They will do all the necessary leg work for you. A tip is to choose the one that have connections to Tier 1 newswires, such as PR Newswire.


The Best Time to Distribute Press Release

Some say that it’s best to get it in early in the week. Others contend that Mondays and Tuesdays are the days when press releases are certain to flood journalists and wire agencies. They’d be too busy writing press releases and might overlook your news.

You’d want to avoid Friday too, as people are usually on weekend mode already. As such, the recommendation is either Wednesday or Thursday, since it’s the middle of the week and perhaps not too busy.

If done effectively, press release distribution can be a marketing tool that will boost your business’ success!

Increase Business Exposure with Well-Written Press Releases

You have your business and it is going pretty well. The problem is, only a very few people are aware of the products and services that you offer. As an entrepreneur, your goal is for your business to grow and be known by the consumers. One effective marketing strategy that is used by businessmen is by writing effective press releases.

What is a press release? A press release is a written statement to the media announcing a company’s new products and services, upcoming events, and even accomplishments. Its main objective is to help businesses become more visible to the public. It includes the contact details and important information about the company for journalists to use in case they choose your press release for a story.

Sample press releases are usually found in newspapers and magazines, but since people nowadays are mostly internet savvy press releases are now published on the internet. Many companies and emerging businesses put up their own website in order to sell their products or services.

The internet is a good place to sell your products because it is very accessible to the consumers. With just one click, people can get information about your company and can check what you have to offer.

It is important to keep in mind that writing business press releases of good quality will benefit your business a lot. The press release should be clear, concise, and direct. It also has to be short but catchy. Remember that as an entrepreneur, one of your goals is to be known and remembered. This is why you must increase your business’ exposure to the target market effectively.

After writing an effective press release, you have to make sure that its distribution is done the right way. Press release distribution is done by posting your press releases on the internet. By doing this, you make a lot of people know your product. You also get to have them spread the story about what you are selling or what you offer. This will make other people know your site and advertise your products.


Examples of Press Releases Distributed Successfully by Wine Cellar Manufacturers

Links in the body of your press release can help generate traffic to your business’ website and might result in potential customers purchasing one or more of your products.

As a marketing tool for business, press releases must be done effectively since they are one of the best ways to announce what your company has to offer. In the end, no one will experience its benefits but you!

Writing Press Releases – Important Tips for SEO-Optimization

PRESS1There are many ways to boost small and large businesses. It is wise for business owners to know and utilize the best marketing tools that will increase the exposure and leads for their company.

One of the most popular marketing tools nowadays is the business press release. When writing an effective press release, there are rules and strategies that must be followed.

Optimizing your press release will benefit your business the best way possible by generating traffic to your website. Traffic contributes a lot to the success of a company’s website.

Keep in mind that beautifully-designed websites will not generate traffic if press releases written for them are not optimized for SEO. SEO optimization will make your press release more visible to your targeted audience.

Tips on How to Optimize a Press Release


1. Clear and Concise Headline

The page title of a business press release contributes a lot to how search engines rank websites.  Always make sure that your headline is straight to the point and contains relevant keywords. It should also contain 2 to 22 words.

2. Interesting Sub-headline

Just like the headline, the sub-headline must be eye-catching to keep the readers engaged and interested to your press release. This is where you can incorporate more keywords or key phrases that you weren’t able to insert into the headline. The subhead gives the audience a better idea of what your press release is about prior to reading it, so it is important to make it interesting.

3. Proper Keywords and Keyword Count

 Knowing the goals and target audience of your press release will help you determine the best keywords or key phrases to use. Two to three keyword phrases are recommended. Make sure that you use ones which have a significant search volume but are not highly competitive. Keyword searches can be done by using Google AdWords Keyword Tool.

4. Proper Keyword Placement

Proper placement of keywords or key phrases are in the headline, sub-headline, and first two paragraphs. This will make your press release easily searched by engines. You can utilize as many keywords as you want.

5. Relevant Links

Adding anchor text links to your press release allows you to provide the readers more information about your announcement. Anchor text links must direct the audience to your website, contributing a lot to traffic generation. Don’t forget “http://” in the URL to make the link clickable and never use the same  link twice in your press release.

Below are some examples of press releases:

In addition to using the correct press release format, the tips mentioned will help you write a press release that is easy to find, provides relevant and interesting information, and will generate traffic to your website.


Things You Shouldn’t Do When Writing a Press Release

Click here to know more about writing distribution and sample press releases

There are many ways to increase your business’ exposure. One of these is through an effective press release. Press releases play a very important role in online marketing..

If written effectively, your press release can result in reaching a target number of audiences and increased traffic to your website. In writing a press release for your business, you must follow some guidelines in order to make it effective.

There are also things that you should not do in order to ensure that your press release will grab the reader’s attention and make them interested in what you are going to tell them. Below are 10 don’ts to remember when writing a press release.

1. Don’t release lengthy news. The ideal length of the headline is 8-10 words, the body 300-500 words, and paragraphs 3-4 sentences each. These guidelines, when followed, will make your press release more acceptable. It will also be easier to print when your PR is no more than 2 pages (single-spaced).

2. Don’t use a press release to sell your products. Press releases should not be used to sell anything. They are supposed to announce something that is newsworthy. One of the causes of an unsuccessful press release is sounding too pitchy.

3. Don’t forget to get to the main point. It is important that your most important information is included in the early part of your press release. Be upfront with the important details to give readers more interest in your announcement.

4. Don’t go overboard with optimization. In order to rank high on search engines keywords must be properly used in your press release, but make sure that you don’t over optimize them. Distribute the keywords throughout the body of your press release.

5. Don’t’ forget to include important information like contact details. Incomplete information can make your readers uninterested about your news.

6. Don’t include information without verifying its accuracy. Your PR must provide the readers with clear and correct information.

7. Don’t use text colors, exclamation points, all caps, or bold and crazy fonts in your PR’s body.

8. Don’t compare your products with that of your competitors. This will give your company a bad reputation and will make your PR ineffective.

Keep in mind that your press release must be newsworthy, clear, and directly to the point. With the tips mentioned above, you will surely achieve success in the end. You can also search the web for more tips in writing press releases including press release template or format.

Below are some press release examples created by wine cellar manufacturers:

Effective Trade Show Displays & Press Releases

Marketing is very essential in increasing the visibility of your business and generating traffic to your website. There are many ways to maximize the marketing impact for your business including articles, press release distribution, social media, advertising and donating products to charities.

Checkout Trade Show Booth Projects

Trade Show Displays are Effective in Maximizing Marketing Impact for Your Business

Trade show displays are another way to boost your company’s profile without having to spend much money. This blog will discuss more about how hosting trade show displays can be an effective marketing strategy for your business. You will also be provided with information about writing a press release for your trade show.


Engage with People Through Trade Show Displays

The main purpose of a trade show display is to engage with people and get them interested in what your business has to offer. When guidelines in trade show displays are followed, you will surely gain big returns.

By setting up your trade show booth with eye-catching designs and lighting, you will encourage a lot of potential customers to visit your booth. Always remember that it is important to consider the interests of your target audience when designing your trade show exhibit. Consider also the image you want to convey, booth sizes, your objectives, your budget and the functional needs of your staff. Check out this website to see an example of a great tradeshow booth design:

Check Out this Quick Guide to Writing a Press Release

Trade Show Press Release – a Great Way to Announce your Products & Services

A press release for your upcoming trade show exhibit will boost the event’s visibility to journalists in a cost-effective way. It can also help generate inquiries and sales. Customers always want to know what’s new so it is important to focus on what is new about your products and services.

If you already know the guidelines to writing press releases you can do it yourself, otherwise you can hire press release writers to do the job for you. Just make sure that they have enough knowledge about the correct format, keywords and links to be used in the press release.

To ensure successful press release distribution, your trade show news release must be interesting and powerful enough to encourage potential customers to buy your products or services. Do not tell the readers all the details about your promotion as this will encourage them in to visit your trade show displays in order to get more information. Offering an incentive or free giveaways when customers visit your trade show display is another effective strategy.

Every marketing strategy has its own advantages and disadvantages. For you to be able to be successful in your marketing endeavor, particularly in trade show displays, you need to have the skills, knowledge and creativity to boost your business’s image, products and services. Choose one that is cost-effective, but can still generate big sales!

A Quick Guide to Writing a Press Release

Check out Examples of Press Release

Press Release – one of the most effective    online marketing strategies

Press releases are written to draw the media’s attention or to stand out from the crowd when a person, business or organization wants to announce very important information to the public. A press release is one of the most effective online marketing strategies that many businesses are using today.

A well-written press release must contain pieces of information that the readers are already looking for in the first place, which will enhance the image of a business or organization. If you want someone to write the press release for you, make sure that certain guidelines are followed.

With many press release distribution services, it pays to be wise in choosing an SEO-friendly site that allows your press release to have higher exposure to your targeted audience. A press release should be unique, straight to the point, clear, one page, interesting, newsworthy and have the correct press release format. It should be focused to your targeted audience and be distributed at the best time.

If you created a press release to promote something, do not give away all the information. Use anchor text links that direct readers to your website. There should only be a maximum of two links in a press release, but there are press release websites which don’t allow links in the body of the news release, however, you can still get links to your site, take a look at this press release to see what we mean: Make sure to read the guidelines for the online distribution channel you want to use before submitting your press release to ensure approval.

Also keep in mind that these links must provide the readers with important and interesting information and must be a call to action. When the links are clicked by the reader, direct traffic is generated from your press release.

Check out an example of Press Release

Relevant Keywords Can Generate                   More Traffic to your Website

Your press release must be optimized for the keywords that are specific to your content in order to ensure traffic to your website. Do not use keywords which can bring insignificant results when you search them using a search engine (like Google) keyword tool. The main thing is that your keywords must have low competition but high search volume.

Relevant keywords must be included in the headline and press release body and must be hyperlinked. ‘Keyword stuffing’ must be avoided to make your press release flow naturally and to maintain its appeal to search engines and consumers. There should be two keywords at most in a press release.

Make sure that you provide accurate and sufficient company information. Email addresses and telephone numbers must be valid so that journalists are able to contact the people associated with the press release.

Most wine cellar manufacturers, particularly in Los Angeles, benefit a lot from using Business Press Release California as their online marketing strategy. Here are examples of press releases that helped one of the leaders in the customized wine cellar industry to generate traffic to their site.

Ensure additional traffic to your website by following guidelines in submitting a press release. Communicate to the public effectively with worthy and interesting news content and you’ll surely experience the benefits!

Marketing & Press Releases, Writing Distribution & Examples

Four Reasons Small Businesses Don’t Write and Leverage Press Releases

Press Release Marketing For Small Businesses Is Easy!

What it takes to rank online is changing constantly, press releases are both challenging to write and mysterious to the uninitiated, they are also one of the most effective ways to boost your web presence and reputation.

Extremely cost effective, press releases are within just about any businesses budget.  For just a few hundred dollars it’s possible to have a simple press release mass distributed to thousands of news related websites online.  For less than a hundred dollars it’s even possible to get some basic distribution done.

Online distribution channels for press releases are easy to use, many faceted and more plentiful than ever.  Some of our favorites are:

Never before has it been so easy for the average person to publish written content, including images and videos, so widely and get their message out.  For small businesses in particular, a few well-placed press releases distributed around the web can act like rocket fuel for their visibility online and consequently their business.

So why don’t business owners do it?  Good question, I thought you’d never ask…

Press Releases – the 4 main reasons small business do not leverage them

The first is real simple, it’s a secret.  They simply don’t know about them.  They don’t have any idea how the internet works. They don’t realize how powerful a few press releases can be.

The second is that, they don’t know how.  Even if they have some idea that a press release might be good thing, they really have no idea how to write one.

The third is time. A plumber is usually busy being a plumber, a dentist is busy pulling teeth and a marketer, well who knows what they do? :-)

The fourth sadly is the ability to write.  Having worked with many small business people, one of the great learning’s is that while a plumber may be good at plumbing and an attorney may be good at writing complicated legal documents, the kind we are all supposed to read but never do….they are usually terrible at writing anything that people would actually want to read.

On top of that the average small business owner has never been taught the nuances of writing for public consumption, using the English language coherently, understanding grammar, well I for one rarely see sensible writing…… like no wot I mean?

I have to stop my rant at this point and apologize.  If you are one of those people that can write great content then my apologies.  You are however, in our experience, in the minority.

Add to that the challenge of writing in the style of a press release, making it interesting and informative, layering in links and optimizing it appropriately.  Then, actually using an online service and adding optimized rich content, optimized photos, keyword rich links; and even if they can get their head around all the pieces, of all these people who are running their own businesses, who has the time?

Here, on this blog, we will endeavor to take some of the mystery out of the process, provide example press releases, talk about distribution of press releases and provide some simple press release templates to get you going.

Check out these examples and the associated small businesses: